✉️ Submit Seeds

Submit your seeds onto our Seedbank for sharing and swapping. 

⚠️ Assess biosecurity laws

Have you assessed whether your plant could be invasive in the country which you are sharing them? SeedShare as a facilitator expects all Seed Guardians to safeguard seeds, as well as the health and safety of our biodiversity and natural ecosystems. This includes potential hazards to biosecurity.

SeedShare will not be liable for any threats to biosecurity laws, it is solely the responsibility of the Seed Guardian to  identifyassess and understand this.

🌾 Germination-tested?

If your seeds have not yet been saved each cycle, we would highly encourage Seed Guardians to germination-test your seed varieties before sharing them, otherwise you will disappoint the next seed saver who are saving your seeds! 

We also highly encourage all seed sharers to send seeds that ‘breed true’, meaning they have not been selectively cross-bred to become infertile and unproductive. These are called F1 hybrid varieties. These types of seeds cannot breed true.

Please make sure you are not sending F1 hybrids as they are genetically unstable and cannot be saved for use in following years and cycles, unless you intend to give it away and state this clearly to your next Seed Guardian.

Read more here for further guidance. 

Happy sharing!

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