What is SeedShare?

A New Kind of Social Network

With key ambitions for:

Abundance based system

Seeds are naturally abundant, therefore we aim to promote and scale the local sourcing of open-pollinated seeds, instead of corporate seeds based off of scarcity, due to the misuse of selectively breeding F1 hybrids for unproductive and infertile seeds.

Onboarding seed guardians

We want to encourage inclusivity and openness in the movement towards seed sovereignty. Through education and apprenticeships, we can easily onboard anyone to become a Seed Guardian of specific heritage varieties.

Gift economy

We want to allow people to engage in the spirit of gifting and offering gifts freely in a community, without expecting anything specific in return, apart from the feeling of reciprocity.

Regenerating bioregions

We want people to have freedom and agency towards protecting and restoring their own local bioregion and support their own land and natural commons. Anybody can have the option to become a pollinator for plants and ecosystems. People can begin saving seeds for cross-pollination and increase adaptiveness to local climates.

Who is SeedShare for?

We want to make the Grow Your Own revolution accessible to anyone and everyone.

Beginner Growers

We want to enable anyone to learn about their local varieties

Expert Growers

We want to connect experts and activists with an educational network


We want to work and collaborate with researchers, academics and entrepreneurs within other fields

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